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I have a pdf of the Honda Civic Factory Service Manual. I know a lot of people have it already but some still dont. **** File size is. View and Download HONDA Civic service manual online. Civic Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: civic, civic, civic, 6th generation of Honda's popular compact car. , , , , Honda Civic troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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1998 Honda Civic Service Manual Pdf

Lino, Body 8nd Engine Typ€. EJ6: CIVIC 4-door/D l6Y7. EJ8: CIVIC 4-door/D' 16Y8. Body Typo and Transmission Type. 5: Sedan/s-speed Manual. 3: DX with Ay'. Refer to the - CIVIC Service Manual, P/N , for frontal collision, all SRS service work must be performed by an authorized Honda dealer . Honda Civic Service Manual - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

Information General Jack Floor '. D16Yt,D16Y8- Automatic Transmission A4RA: SaC 3: DX with Ay'C 4: LX with ABS 9: Ohio Plant,U. Japan Plant. Mie Prefecture, S:

Using a downward motion on the lever arm.. Repeat steps6 to 18 on the othercylinders. Using a downward motion on the lever arm. Clean x: Remove any oil a: Do not usean impactwrenchwhen installing. Tightenthe pulleybolt to the specified torque.

RING 6 x 1. Replacethe camshaft seals and crankshaft seals if there is oil leakage. Referto page before installing the timing belt. Mark the direction of rotation on the belt before removing. Refer to page for howto position thecrankshaft andpulley before installing the belt.

Applyliquidgasket at the tour corners of the recesses. Clean the upper cover and lower cover before installing. Do not use the upper cover and lower cover for storing removed items. Replace the belt if oil or coolantsoaked. Tightenthe adjusting pulleybolt the crankshaft After inspecting. Refer to pagewhen instslling.

Alwavs rotatethe crankshaft when counterclockwise it clockwise v i e w e df r o m t h e p u l l e y s i d e. Refer to pagewhen installing. The tensioneris spring-loaded to applytensionto the after makingthe following adjustbelt automatically menr. Remove the rtppercover seepage Remove any oil or solventthat gets on the belt. Timing Belt Inspection 1. R o t a t i n g may result in improper adjustmentof the belt tension.

Inspectthe timing belt beforeadjustingthe belt tenston. Inspect the timing belt for cracksand oil or coolant soaking. Loosen the adjusting bolt '. Replace the timing belt at Do not use the upper cover to store removed tems. Usea jackto supponthe enginebeforethe upper bracketis removed. In very high temperatures over'F. Remove the upperbracket NOTE: Removal NOTE: Loosen the mountingbolt and lockbolt.

Removethe dipstick. Loosen the mountingnut and lockbolt. Turn the crankshaft pulley so the No. Remove the lower coverand dipstick NOTE: Do not use the lower cover to store removed tems.

Remove the splashshield seepage Remove the crankshaft pipe. Remove the CKFsensor from the oil oumo. Align the TDC marks on the camshaft pulley to the cylinder head surface. Set the timing belt drive pulleyso that the No. Loosenthe adjustingbolt ". Installation Install the timing belt in the reverse orderof removal. Timing Belt cont'dl Removal 9.

Only key pointsare described 1. Remove the timing belt. Checkthat the crankshaft ley are both at TDC. After installation. Adjustthe timing belt tension seepage See section22 fot NC compressorbelt tension adJustment. Then reinstall the timing belt. Install shown. Installthelowercoverand uppercover.

Dullev pulley and camshaftpul9. Disconnect the CKFsensorconnector. Refer to page6 46 when installing. InstalltheCKFsensorin reverse orderof removal. To avoid damage. Usenew O-ringsand gaskets when reassembling. Apply liquidgasket at the four corners ofthe recesses.

96-00 Service Manual- Free to anyone

When handling a metal gaskel. Replace when damaged or deteriorated. Applyongin6 oilto the threads. Cylinder Head lllustratedIndex cont'dl Priorto. D16Y5 engine: HEAD page6'27 Removal. CylinderHead lllustrated Index cont'd 'E Priorto reassembling.

D16Y8 engine: Turnthe crankshaft top deadcenter seepage Takecarenot to bendthe cablewhen removingit. Drainthe enginecoolant seepage Remove the radiator capto speeddraining. L Disconnect the negative terminalfrom the battery. Unplug the wiring conneqtorscarefully while holding th9 conngctol portion to avoid damage.

Removal for this procedure. Engineremovalis not required Make surs lacks and safety stands are placed properly and hoist brackets are aftached to the corrcct positions on ihe engins. Inspect the timing belt before removingthe cylinder head. Uso fonder covers lo avoid damaging painted surfacss. Adjustthe throftlecablewhen installing tion Alwaysreplace any kinked cablewith a new one. To avoid damaging the cylinder head. Removethe evaporativeemission EVAP control canister hose.

Drain tuel only into an approved containgr. D16Y8 engines: Relieve fuel pressure Do not smokewhile working on the fuel E systgm. CylinderHead Removal cont'dl seesectionl1. Removethe water bypasshose and positivecrank PCV caseventilation hose. Remove the upperbracket. Remove t h e e n g i n ew i r e h a r n e s s wire harness clampsfrom the cylinderheadand the intakemanitold. Unscrewthe camshaft holder bolts. Loosen the adjusting screws. Remove the timing belt seepage The bolts will keep the camshaftholders.

Remove the exhaust manifold and Removethe cylinder head bolts. Clean Rocker Arms Removal 1. Unscrew the camshaft holderboltstwo turns at a pattern. When removingthe rockerarm assembly. CylinderHead Removal cont'd 1 8. Remove the intakemanifold seepagesthru 4.

1996-2000 Honda Civic Repair

Inspect rockershaftsand rockerarms seepage Letter "8" is stamped on rockerarm. When removingor installingtherockerarmassembly. Bl n] [n. Rocker arms must be installed in the samepositionif reused. The boltswill keepthe do not removethecamshaft holders. Priorto reassembling.

Inspect page rocker shafts androcker arms see The boltswill keepthe holders. Rocker arms must be installed in the same positionif reused. When removingor installing the rockerarm assembly. Letter "A" is stamped Removethe lost motion assemblyfrom the holder and inspectit.

DER D16Y8 engine: Test it by pushingthe plungerwith your finger. Pushit manually.

Honda Civic

Inspect the rockerarm piston. W h e n r e a s s e m b l i n g of the to the oil passage applyair pressure carefully rocker arm. Apply ojlto the pistons when reassembling. Zerothe gaugeto the shaftdiameter. Measure the diameterof the shaftat the first rocke. Measure the insidediameterof the rockerarm and checkfor an out-of-round condition. RockerArms and Shafts lnspection Clearance Measure both the intakerockershaft and exhaustrocker shaft.

RockerArm-to-Shaft Clearance: Standard lNew: Inspect rocker arm Reoeat thesemeasurements on all the rockers. Camshaft End Play: Push the camshaftback and forth.

Lift the camshaft out of the cylinderhead. Do not rotatethe camshaft during inspection. L Put the camshaftand the camshaftholderson the cylinderhead. Install holders. Cleanthe camshaftbearingsurfaces in the cylinder head. Place a plastigage strip acrosseachjournal. Zerothe dial indicatoragainstthe end ofthe camshaft.

Seatthe camshaftby pushingit toward the rear of the cylinderhead. Remove the rockerarms and rockershafts. Oil Cloarance: Remove the camshaft holders. Secondary cam lobe. Check the cam lobe heightwear. Primary cam lobe. Mid cam lobe.

CamshaftToial Runout: Timing belt. Botatecamshaft while measuring. Remove the valve seal. Install the valveguidesealremover.

Standard New: Standard Nsw: The differencebet w e e n t h e I a r g e s tg u i d e m e a s u r e m e n ta n d t h e smalleststem measurement should not exceedthe limit. Intake Vslve Stem-to-GuideClearance: An alternatemethod of checkingguide to stem clearance is to subtractthe O.

ValveGuides ValveMovement Measurethe guide-to-stem clearance with a dial indicator while rockingthe stem in the directionof normal thrust wobblemethod.

ValveSeats Reconditioning 1. Make one more very light passwith the 45" cutter to removeany possibleburrs causedby the other cutters. Bevelthe upperedge of the seatwith the 30'cutter and the lower edge of the seatwith the 60' cutter. Check the width of the seatand adjustaccordingly.

Cylinder Head Height: Renewthe valve seatsin the cylinderhead using a valveseatcuner. Standard lNow: After resurfacingthe seat. The actualvalve seatingsurface. Insertthe intakeand exhaust valvesin the headand measure the valvestem installed heioht.

As illustratedbelow. Select the properreplacement and chillthem in the freezer section of a refrigerator for about an hour. ExhaustStem Installed Height: ValveGuides Replacement 1. To avoid burns.

Honda Civic Repair (, , , , ) - iFixit

Monitorthe temperature with a cooking thermometer. W3 ServiceLimh: Use a hot plate or oven to evenlyheatthe cylinder headto 'F 'C. The final cut shouldalwavsbe madewith the 45' cutter. Do nol use a torch. In most cases.

Do not gst the head hottor than 'F 'C. Drill guides only in extremo cases.

Installthe guide from the camshaftside of the head. This will knockoff someoJthe carbonand makeremovaleasier. Always wear safety gogglesot a tacs shieldwhon driving valve guides. Hold the air hammer ditectly in line with iho valve guido to prevent damaging tho driver.

ValveGuides cont'd Replacement side. Turn the headover. Apply a thin coat of clean engineoil to the outside of the new valve guide. For new valveguidesonly. Check with a valve seepage Installation l. Thoroughlywash the guide in detergentand water to removeany cuttingresidue. Coat valve stems with engine oil. Rotatethe reamer clockwisethe full length of the valve guide bore. Insertthe valves in the valveguides.

Make sure the valves move up and down smoothly. Exhaust and intakevalvesealsare not interchangeable. UsesmalltD end ot o-. Coat both the reamerand valve guide with cutting orl. Installthespringseatson the cylinderhead. Place the end of the valvespringwith closely wound coilstowardthe cylinderhead. Compressthe installthe valve spring compressor. Turn the camshaft until its keyway is facing up No. Valve locknuts should be loosgngd. After wiping down the camshaft.

Tap the valvestem only alongits axisso you do not bendthe stem. Clean and install the oil control orifice with a new O-ring. To prevent the rocksr arm as3ombly tlom coming apart. Tighten eachbolt two turns at a time in the sequence shown belowto ensurethat the rockers do not bind on the valves.

I mm bolts: Makesurethat the rocker arms are properlypositionedon the valvestems. CylinderHead Installation 4. Clean the upper cover and lower cover before instaltaton. Installthe backcover. Cylinder head dowel pins must be aligned. Turn the crankshaft so the No. Installthecylinderheadin the reverse orderof removal: Cleanthe oil controlorificebeforeinstalling. Alwaysusea new headgasket. Apply liquidgasket to the shadedareas.

Position the camshaft correctly Tightenthe cylinderhead bolts sequentially in four steps. Use liquidgasket. Alwaysusea new exhaustmanifoldgasket. Installthe intakemanifoldand tightenthe nuts in a patternin two or three steps. When installing. Installthe exhaustmanifoldand tightenthe nuts in patternin two or three steps. CylinderHead cont'dl Installation 2. Installthe head cover gasketin the groove of the cylinder head cover. Apply liquid gasketto the headcover gasketat the four cornersof the recesses.

Install the timing belt lsee page Check that the matingsurfaces are cleanand dry beforeapplyingliquidgasket. I n s t a l lt h e pipeA andthe bracket. Seatthe recesses for the camshaftfirst. Alwaysusea new intakemanifoldgasket. When using a preset-type torque wrench. Beforeinstallingthe cylinder head cover. Visually check the sparkplug sealsfor damage. Settho sparkplug sealon the sparkplug pipe. When installingthe cylinder head cover. After assembly. Replace the washer when damaged or deteriorated.

Take care not to damage the spark plug seals when installing the cylinderheadcover. In the final to 9. SEAL Do not touch the parts where liquid gasketwas aDolied. Tightenthe nuts in two or three steps. I Engine Block Speciaf Tools Tool Numbor. PE 0t S PV 07LAB L t-1! S i SpecialTools Raf. PE Ihrusr washerthickness is fixed and must not be changed by grindingor shimming.

I Lrori""t" "tl internalpartswith engineoil during reassembly. Om m 1'l N. Cleanthe oil pan gasketmatingsurfaces beforeinstalling it. After torquing each cap. Apply liquidgasketto these points. New main bearings must be selectedby rnatchingcrank and block identilicationmarkings. Applyliquid gaskettothe mating surfaces ofthe rightsidecover andoil pumpcase before installing them.

I lbt. Apply liquidgaskettothe matingsurfaces ofthe right sidecoverand oil pump casebeforeinstalling them. Dl6Y8 engin"". O kst. PAN Reler to page wheninstalling. New main bearings must be selectedby matching crank 12 x 1. Thrust washerthickness is fixed and must not be changed by grindingor shimming. Aftertorquing each cap. Belore removing piston. Cylinder borehoning. New rod bearingsmust be selected by matchingconnecling rod assembly and crankshaft identification markings seepage After torquing each bearing to cap.

Installcaps so the bearing recessis on the same side as the recess in the rod. Removeridge il necessary. Lubricate all internal parts with engine oil during reassemblv. CrankshaftEnd Play: Removethe six flywheel bolts. PV x'l00 Automatic Transmission: Remove the six drive plate bolts.

Then pull the crankshaft firmly backtoward the indicator. Replace 1 2x 1. Pushthe crankshaft firmly away from the disl indicator. Thrust washersare installedwith groovedsidesfacing outward. Thrustwasherthickness is fixed and must not be changed eitherby grindingor shimming. For an accurate reading. Main Bearing-to-JournalOil Clearance: Do not rotatethe crankshaft tton. Main Bearings Clearance 1. Installa new. Do not file. Removethe cap and bearing again.

To checkmain bearing-to-journa removethe main capsand bearinghalves. Remove the rod cap and bearinghalf. Do not lile. Do not rotatethe crankshaft during inspectton. X 2 in t Crankshaft Bore Code Location Letters have beenstampedon the end of the blockas a codefor the sizeof eachof the 5 mainjournalbores. Place a strip of plastigage across the rod journal.

Remove the connecting rod cap and bearinghalf. Clean them only with solvent or detergent. ConnectingRod Bearings Clearance 1. Use them. Torque 31 N. Remove the right sidecover. Removal 1. Halfof the numberis stampedon bearing capand the other hall is stamped on the rod. Use codes them. Remove the oil pan assembly. Clean them only with solvgnt or detorgent. ConnectingRod Code Location Numbershave been stampedon the side of each connecting rod as a code for the size of the big end.

Remove the oil pump. Remove the boltsand the bearingcap. Pistonsand Crankshaft cont'dl Removal 5. Follow the reamer manufacturer's instructions. Reinstall the main capsand bearingson the engine In properorder. Lift the crankshaft out of the engine. To prev6nt warpago. Use the wooden handle of a hammer to drive the pistonsout. The existingnumber on the connectingrod does not indicateits position in the engine. Checkthe keywav and threads. The differencebetweenmeasurements on each journalmust not be more than the service limit.

Measuretaper at edges of each rod and main journal. CrankshaftTotal IndicatadRunout: Out-of-Roundand Tapel. Measure laPer at edges. The differencebetweenmeasurements on each journalmust not be more than the servicelimit. Cleanthe crankshaft oil passages with pipe cleaners or a suitablebrush. Suppon with lathe lype tool or V-blocks. Grankshaft Inspection. The differencebetlveenmeasurements on each journalmust not be more than the service limit.

Standard Now: My email address is:. Launched in the year , the Honda Civic is a line of compact cars that enjoys tremendous popularity across the globe. It is manufactured by Honda and has gone through several generational changes. Along with the other popular models, namely the Accord and the Prelude, the Honda Civic contributes majorly of the sales of Honda vehicles in North America.

The Honda Civic is considered a great upmarket car that has both stylish looks and great performance. It currently slots between the Honda Fit and Honda Accord. Toggle navigation. My email address is lzavodney woh. If you don't mind, sent it to both addresses. Regards, Larry Zavodney.

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