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    The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski – More Quotes ". Die einzige Weltmacht: Amerikas Strategie der Vorherrschaft (The Grand Chessboard. BRZEZINSKI DIE EINZIGE WELTMACHT PDF - Zbigniew Brzezinski (Autor). von 5 Zbigniew Brzezinski tackles this question head-on in this incisive and. zbigniew brzezinski wikipedia pdf. Zbigniew Brzezinski was born in Warsaw, Poland, on March 28, Die einzige Weltmacht: Amerikas Strategie der.

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    Brzezinski Die Einzige Weltmacht Pdf

    zbigniew brzezinski die einzige weltmacht pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for zbigniew brzezinski die einzige weltmacht pdf. zbigniew brzezinski wikipedia pdf. Zbigniew Brzezinski brzezinski - grand chessboard quotes - take over worlddie einzige weltmacht: amerikas strategie der. Die einzige Weltmacht. Amerikas Strategie der Vorherrschaft. [Zbigniew Brzezinski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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    (PDF) What Does Brexit Mean | Rolf Buchi -

    Therefore it was now, after the Bolshevik turn, fully justified that the superior Germanic race would conquer the west of their land and drive Slavs behind the Ural. Mein Kampf, 2nd book, chapter If you lousy moron think now you could regard yourself as entitled to call me a "traitor" or "anti-patriot", as I speak out who nazis were, be careful what you say, as history has PROVEN which inhuman bunch and faction of Germans did not only burden the rest of Germans with massmurderous crimes against other peoples, but additionally tried in the end of war the eliminiation of Germans themselves: It was the maniac Adolf Hitler, when he could no longer ignore that his lunatic course was lost, who gave on the 19th March Albert Speer with his Nero Decree the order to destroy all life-saving infrastructure on German territory, including food desposits, as there was no reason why Germans should survive.

    As they had been unable to make his vision true, he would not "shed a single tear", if none of them survived. It became apparent that Hitler meant his social darwinist view of the world seriously - no matter whether it implied the elimination of Russians or of Germans.

    At the same time Stalin could be quoted to have said that "the Hitlers would come and go, but the German people would remain". So how can you damned nazis ever have the cheek to raise your ugly heads up again in public? In Germany you would not dare to voice the crap your write here publicly - as you would simply end up in jail and rightly so. Scum like you are obnoxious enough to pretend here you were a good buddy of Russians?

    Go back to your ratholes - and never dare to speak up again!

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    The only true remark you make is the fact that unlike Brits and USAmericans the majority of ordinary Germans, especially former Wehrmacht-soldiers after WW2, did not indulge in anti-Russian racism, but were highly traumatised - small wonder: they had witnessed that mess - and did not spread negative remarks about Russian people. Quite the opposite: I recall tales of aged former war prisoners in the SU who told us kids how Russians, who had lost close relatives in the war and were suffering from postwar malnutrition themselves in the vastly destroyed country, had stuffed repeatedly food in their hands secretly as official rations were of course meagre.

    But a small minority remained Nazis all their lives, who publicly did not think it convenient, though not even in the west to express their anti-communism in racist terms unless they believed nobody who might challenge them was around - some tried to spread their version of history to younger people, but were luckily without much success. But it is cynic to pretend that this was an evidence that Hitler or nazis were good chaps.

    Germans have long hesitated to openly show ambitions to become a major power. Page 10 of 18 However, Germany had to shoulder its responsibilities, carry the burden of leadership and do everything to preserve the unity of the EU Foreign Affairs, New power brings new responsibilities, that is the mantra of German foreign policy. This necessitates rearmament and the creation of a miltary-industrial complex, arms manufacture and export. Militariness should no longer be taboo and this idea was expressed brutally by high-ranking Americans and put on the cover of the Spiegel Nr.

    The expansion of the European sphere of influence is therefore also an expansion of the American sphere of influence. USA and EU are pulling in the same direction and want to expand their influence at the expense of Russia. The transatlantic alliance is vital to the security of Europe. Only together with the United States can Europe effectively defend itself against the threats of the 21st century and guarantee a credible form of deterrence. Germany was able to rely on the solidarity and readiness of the Allies over a period of almost forty years during the Cold War.

    It therefore recognises its duty and responsibility to contribute to collective defence on the basis of solidarity. The sanctions imposed on Russia are particularly detrimental to Europe. They serve to create hostility between Russia and Europe; such a policy promotes war, not peace.

    Literaturjahr 1998

    How can you speak of General Pilsudski? How can you think of the Intermarium? How can you think of Polish leadership? The answer is, how can I not? How could I not think this way? Europe is returning to history. The great party is over.

    A future now has to be made and for years the future of Europe was built on states. You are living in one of the most dynamic and important states in Europe, and you can help shape it, not by writing position papers and going to meetings, but far more importantly, taking steps to protect your sovereignty and to assert your power.

    Step back, take a look at your country, take a look at the chaos around you in Europe, and take control of your fate, this is what the next 50 years will look like, and you will be a leading power in it. The result shows, that American interests take precedence. Ukraine: equals ? Ukraine in compared with , what was equal? Ukraine is a state with limited sovereignty, a puppet state. Ukraine should be a thorn in the flesh of Russia.

    The idea is to weaken Russia and to replace it as a regulatory power. It is a matter of conquering new markets, obtaining access to natural resources and controlling energy flows pipelines. What is different? The conquest of Ukraine is no longer based on military means, rather it happens by using an Association Agreement and NGOs that undermine society. However, the Agreement contains a military dimension. They point out the extent to which the expansion of the EU follows the ideas of James Rogers, a co-founder of the Group of Grand Strategy.

    Rogers emphasizes that the EU can survive the struggle between the great powers only if she has the political will and the military strength of a great power. Quote We must now ask ourselves whether … we are prepared to accept diktats from other countries.

    In this sense, Europeans currently face two futures: a future of power or a future of ruin. There is no alternative: we can either remain the rulers, or become the ruled. We Europeans … are at a juncture where we can either throw in the towel or take a qualitative leap towards further unification. A failure to integrate may lead to disintegration on all fronts and an unravelling of the certainties and luxuries of the past sixty years — with potentially devastating consequences for both Europeans and the wider world alike.

    Peter Hitchens knows Russia from his own experience. As long as Russia under Putin crawled on the ground, the West applauded.

    But when Putin began an independeent foreign policy and insisted on defending the national interests of his country, the West began to speak of Russian aggression. The putsch in Kiev was a punishment for Page 14 of 18 this, said George Friedman, and Hitchen agrees. Source: Engdahl He sees this as the continuation of a struggle that in many respects had began already in with the Franco-Prussian war.

    Second Reading In the EU, based on her economic strength, Germany has achieved a dominant position, which she failed to achieve by military means in the two world wars. German elites are dreaming again of turning EUrope into a world power under German leadership. This makes a conflict with Russia inevitable. German dreams of being a superpower are dreams of the leading elites, not of the majority of the population.

    Ordinary people want peace, they Page 15 of 18 do not welcome the Ukraine as a member of the EU and NATO, and certainly they do not agree to supply weapons to Ukraine or to send troops to the Russian border.

    It was never what it pretended to be. And suddenly the organization reveals what it always wanted: to globalize the hegemonic claims of the US, without stopping, without limits, for the enforcement of capital interests.

    Source: Drewermann We can ask ourselves to what extent the German desire for great power is self-determined and to what extent it follows a script written and directed by others. Is Germany an autonomous actor who pursues an aggressive geopolitical agenda or is this policy possibly a trap in which Germany is to be caught?

    Germany as a chess piece on the Grand Chessboard, in a game to safeguard the supremacy of US corporations and the transnational elite, to prevent the rising of an Eurasian power, to diminish not only Russia as a potential rival but also Germany, not least by creating antagonism between the two?

    A part of the German elites has embraced the dream of superpower.

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